El Jalisco continues“Bring more to the table than good food”as we expand our vision. Not only to continue our endeavors to live up to that original promise but also to elevating our ideals in the procurement of our produce, creativity in its preparation and in service to our amigos, our community and beyond.

Chicken Fajitas

Chicken or Steak Fajitas $23.75 (for two)
Texas Fajitas $25.75 (for two)
Hawaiian Fajitas $25.75 (for two)
Seafood Fajitas $29.75 (for two)
Vegetarian Fajitas $19.75 (for two)
Parrillada Fajitas $25.75 (for two)

El Jalisco Steak

El Jalisco Steak $15.75
El Campesino $13.75
El Paso $12.75
Tres Compadres $14.75
Steak a la Mexicana $13.75
Mar y Tierra $14.75


Chimichanga (Lunch Size) $7.75
Chori-Pollo (Lunch Size) $8.75
Pollo Loco (Lunch Size) $8.25
Texas Fajitas (Lunch Size) $9.50
Shrimp Fajitas (Lunch Size) $10.25
Breakfast Tacos (Lunch Size) $6.75


Churros $3.75
Fried Ice Cream $3.99
Xango $3.99
Flan $3.99
Pastel Tes Leches $3.99
Chimi Banana $3.99